Mess to a Message

My Journey of Recovery and a New Life in Christ

Hello, my name is Paula Walters and I am a survivor of domestic violence.  At the beginning of each year I set goals for myself.  They are not really resolutions as much as a strategic plan for my personal and professional improvements for that year.  I am no where near the woman I hope to become but I am most definitely better than the woman I used to be. This blog is part of my strategic plan for 2016.  I am currently working on a book about my life, my abuse, my recovery, and my everyday battle with being better than I was yesterday.

There will be no true plan to this blog.  It will be bits and pieces from my past, my present, and my hopes for the future.  There will be days that it sounds like ramblings but that is alright because no one ever said I had to make sense.  All I hope from this blog is that maybe, just maybe, people get a look into the life of a normal person who battles each day to become better.  That we each control our life and can be whomever we want to be.  I choose to truly live and not just exist.  I choose to stand for something. I choose to be a thermostat in life not just a thermometer.

I hope you will follow along in my journey this year.  I can not promise it will be a pretty journey, but I will promise it will be an honest one.  Welcome to the good, the bad, and the ugly moments of my life.



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