Mess to a Message

My Journey of Recovery and a New Life in Christ

All alone I sit and cry
Watching the world slip on by
I hate that girl in the mirror
Scared, lonely, full of fear
People look and see my mask
Keeping the façade is such a task
Smiles, laughter, and I’m just doing fine
It’s easy to keep up all the time
They say she’s pretty, passionate, and smart
Little do they know I’m falling apart
In the quiet times his voice haunts me
Abuse that leaves marks you cannot see
To ease the pain, I drank a lot
So many nights I have forgot
It was my innocence that he stole
A silent storm brewed in my soul
Farewell my friends, I surrender the fight
I attempted to end it all that night
But God showed mercy and His grace
Leading me to people of Faith
Only He knows his plans for me
But “God Winks” are what I see
It’s a different girl now in the mirror
No longer sad and full of fear
A good foundation, sponsor, and friends
It’s a way to heal and make amends
Building a relationship between God and me
To do inventory and take accountability
People who inspire, encourage, and pray
To praise together and help lead the way
I look forward to Friday nights you see
That’s where I found the path to recovery.
If you ever find yourself in a spot like mine
I hope you remember this personal rhyme
Because with open arms they will greet you
And help guide you to recovery too

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