Keiser NoteOn March 23, 2016, Kristine Keiser had gone to her ex-husband’s apartment to retrieve items for her children. While inside the apartment her ex-husband pulled a gun on her and began shooting. Kristine was shot at six times and hit by four bullets. The first bullet went in her right side causing injuries to her lung, diaphragm, and liver. The second bullet grazed her right ear. The third bullet went into her right shoulder. The fourth, and final bullet, went into the left side of her scalp, with an entrance and exit wound. Residents living in the apartment complex called 911 and came to her aid. Law enforcement and paramedics arrived on scene shortly after to render care.

#KeiserStrongWhile in the hospital, Kristine’s sister, Kelly, sent out daily group text messages to update family and friends on her condition. On March 26, 2016, Kelly’s friend, Jason, coined the term ‘Keiser Strong’ during a conversation. From that point on, every update via text message was signed KeiserStrong. After an eight day stay in the hospital Kristine was discharged home. The following day Kristine’s boss presented her with purple bracelets, (the color of domestic violence awareness) reading #KeiserStrong. Kristine’s work family proudly supported her by wearing the bracelets, and Kristine and Kelly then decided to order more bracelets in a fundraising effort. The money raised from the sales of the bracelets has been donated to Standing Courageous.

Please take the time to read Kelly’s story below:

Outside Looking In- The Story of a Survivor’s Family Member