• It is the Mission of Standing Courageous, INC. to provide awareness and education of interpersonal violence, violent crimes, and violent offenders so community members may live violence free lives.


  • It is the Vision of Standing Courageous, INC. to help end the epidemic of violence by raising community awareness. We aspire to maximize victim’s safety by promoting social change. We encourage community engagement by offering education and awareness about healthy relationships, workplace violence, personal safety, and safe interruptions/interventions of crime.


  • The Core Values of Standing Courageous, INC. believes that healthy families and relationships are the building blocks of empowered communities.
  • We value our commitment to high standards of honesty, absolute confidentiality, and accountability for our actions.
  • Our actions at all times will reflect our vision, mission, and values of our organization.
  • We strive for a healthy environment for all members of our community.


  • The Core Cultures of Standing Courageous, INC. believes every victim is empowered with the choice to recover and heal at their own pace without judgement or discrimination.
  • We support that every man, woman, and child has the right to be free from violence, without compromise.
  • We collaborate to effect social change to end violence.
  • We deliver programs and services that are client-centered and mission-driven, serving only the participant’s highest good.