XPrior TrainingsX

On January 23rd and 28th of 2016, Standing Courageous, INC. held its first multiagency training in Henry County. In attendance were Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, EMS, Advocates, and Nurses. Detective Curtis and Ms. Walters gave a powerful presentation that showed the gaps in our system that exist between our agencies.


Founder/President Paula Walters

Here are some of the comments from those in attendance:

“This presentation was very informative. Domestic violence is changing and it is great to have a push to change the laws/penalties for offenders. From a law enforcement standpoint I would help in any way possible to help this change. It is also a great presentation to help bridge the gap between police, fire, EMS, and hospital personnel.”



Detective Todd Curtis


“This was some of the best training I have attended. It was very informative and has given me knowledge on how to better investigate domestic violence. I would gladly help your cause any way I can.”

“This training was helpful in finding what the gaps are and the perspective from all angles.”


“Course was very informative. It really showed where changes need to be made in the policies of various agencies. Also, the course raised new questions in the way incidents are handled.”

“This course was very informative. I was very impressed with the presentation.”


On March 24, 2016, Standing Courageous, INC. held its second multiagency training in Wood County.

In February, 2016, Standing Courageous, INC. did a speaking engagement at the Mercy LifeFlight Mobile Life Partners for Life Conference.

On June 6, 2016, Standing Courageous, INC. spoke at the Beverly Block Watch meeting. Here are a couple of pictures from that speaking engagement.

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