XWhat People Are SayingX

After our initial training in Henry County in January 2016, Paula received the following email from an attendee (names were left out for confidentiality).  Please take the time to read this amazing outcome from our training.

“Ms. Walters,

I attended your training on the 28th. Towards the end of the program you said that if you could help just one person it would make what you do worthwhile. I have no doubt that you will touch many lives with this program, but I wanted to let you know that today you made a difference in one young woman’s life and made me a better advocate as well.

A young woman came in possibly seeking a CPO, she had been in an altercation with her husband on Saturday, she had some scratches on her neck and some bruising to her face, but he had scratches as well. She told the officers she scratched him trying to break free while he was choking her, but there aren’t any visible markings on her neck and I think they were basically chalking it up to a he said/she said. As we talked she tucked her hair behind her ears and I remembered what you had said about the pin point red dotting and I asked her if I could look at her ears.  On and behind both ears she had the small red dots, also on her eye lids, I asked her if she had pain anywhere and she said her throat was sore, and her neck really stiff and sore. I asked if she noticed any hoarseness and she said she did, but hadn’t connected it to the assault. Her mother and I took some pictures and while here she made an appointment with her doctor to have her throat/neck examined. She is also going to contacted the police officer again with the pictures and info from the doctor, I suggested that when she file the report she use the term strangled not choke.

Without your class I would have never thought to ask her those questions, check her ears for signs, etc. She would not be going to the doctor right now and possibly treating an injury that might not manifest itself otherwise for several years. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be better at my job and to know that because of that a case that might have slipped through the cracks might not.

Today you made a difference in two lives, thank you.”